Walnuts, Premium, RAW Organic (5lb Bag)

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These ultra-mineralized, organic, RAW walnuts are one of our most-prized superfoods. 


These aren't ordinary organic walnuts...!

Ultra-Mineralized Cultivation

Walnuts are a low-carb, high-antioxidant food, loaded with nourishing protein, fiber, and healthy essential omegas to fuel your brain and heart.

But these walnuts are grown organically with cutting-edge seaweed compost & seawater soil-enrichment.  This ancient practice (lost until recently) adds vital trace minerals that are absorbed by the tree and made bioavailable for you.

We actually tested these walnuts, comparing them to standard walnuts, and their mineral levels are off the charts!

Minerals & Health

For decades we've been told about the benefits of vitamins and minerals for basic health and well-being, and nutritional science has recently begun to show that optimal health actually requires more than the minimum recommended levels.

Many of the supplements people take aren't actually bioavailable. The optimal source for these minerals and vitamins is, naturally, food!

Unfortunately, conventionally-farmed foods — grown in nutrient-exhausted and chemically-fertilized soil — lack many important trace minerals. You may be getting protein, carbs, fat and fiber, while starving yourself of minerals!

A Tastier, More Satisfying Walnut

We naturally crave essential minerals and can actually taste them in our food. The flavor variations shown by wines from different regions — their terroir — is influenced by the mineral content of the soil they grow in.

Similarly, these ultra-mineralized walnuts have a richer, more satisfying taste than conventional walnuts.

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