Wild Jungle Peanuts, RAW Organic (8oz Box)

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A New Twist on a Familiar Flavor 

These unique, tiger striped Wild harvested heirloom nuts are 100% RAW, 100% unique, and 100% delicious. They're also loaded with vitamin E, polyphenols, antioxidants, resveratrol, niacin, oleic acid and plenty of protein (including all 8 essential amino acids). So enjoy by the handful, in trail mixes, or blended into nut milks.

Wild Jungle Peanuts are Naturally Aflatoxin-Free

Unlike conventionally grown peanuts, these wild heirloom nuts have grown in the Amazon for thousands of years.  They are naturally free of the aflatoxins present in most conventional peanuts and often responsible for negative reactions to peanuts.  Get all the benefits of peanuts without and toxins.  Our wild jungle peanuts are rigorously tested and show less than 2 ppb (parts-per-billion) aflatoxins.

Verified RAW Wild Jungle Peanuts

These beautiful, wild peanuts are gently dried at low temperatures.  To be sure these are RAW, living, nuts, we sprouted some jungle peanuts.  Here they are:
They're alive!!!

Jungle Peanuts Support the Rainforest and Indigenous Rights

Direct from the pristine Amazonian rainforest, our one-of-a-kind, un-roasted, RAW, Wild Jungle Peanuts are harvested by the indigenous Achuar people on their land in a remote region near the border of Ecuador and Peru and flown out on small planes. The purchase of these wild nuts supports the preservation of Achuar culture and their traditional way of life. The income from this shade-grown product (one of many we are developing with the Achuar) supports their campaign, coordinated by their allies at Amazon Watch (www.amazonwatch.org) to gain legal title to their ancestral lands, keep out oil companies and protect Mother Earth.

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