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For 10 years, Essential Living Food has offered the purest, most nutritious organic foods on the planet to large and small businesses around the world. We’ve made a specialty of importing and distributing our superfoods in sizes from a single case up to multiple containers of product. Whether you are a restaurant, a manufacturer, or a distributor, we’re confident that you will be delighted with the quality of our products and our fast, friendly service!  

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Check out our products by exploring the links below. When you’re ready to place and order, or have any questions, please contact one of our helpful, friendly sales representatives using one of the methods below:

Cacao (Raw Chocolate)

Raw Cacao—the pure source of ordinary chocolate—was revered by ancient cultures as the food of the gods. Research is now linking the antioxidants in cacao to everything from cardiovascular health to improved brain function and longevity! Cacao even provides the same molecules our brain makes when we’re happy or in love! Our Truly Raw Cacao (including the world's only Raw Verified Cacao Powder & Butter from Bali) undergoes special handling so that it’s truly raw, totally contaminant-free and absolutely bursting with fresh nutrients, vital enzymes, and subtle flavors. 

We offer this superfood in several forms – whole beans, nibs (small pieces of the whole, peeled bean), powder (great for baking, raw foods preparations, and drinks!), paste (also referred to as liquor, this form is great for chocolatiers), and butter (for chocolate, baking, or skin care!).

Functional Foods

We carry a range of superfood powders that bring amazing nutrition and health benefits in an easy to use, concentrated form. Mix into smoothies, or manufacture all kinds of superfood edibles, you can count on Essential Living Foods for the highest quality, most efficacious protein, and whole food powders. Our offerings include several varieties of maca powder, mesquite powder, brazil nut protein powder and hemp protein powder, goji berry extract, camu camu, lumuca, and purple corn extract.

Dried Fruits

Picked at their peak of nutritional potency, carefully dried at low temperatures to preserve maximum flavor and fragile nutrients, we bring you the finest, healthiest dried fruits available. Whether it’s our organic goji berries (which we can supply by the case or container-load), the tart, high protein goldenberry, or the more well-know organic mango slices and organic pineapples; take a taste of what you’ve been missing!

Nuts & Seeds

America’s FIRST fair-trade certified Brazil Nuts, Amazonian Jungle Peanuts cultivated by the indigenous Achuar people, the most delicious, buttery organic pecans anywhere: You have to check out our selection!


Many of us are avoiding sugar these days, but why give up enjoying sweet foods? Unlike white sugar and honey, our natural sweeteners have a very low glycemic index, meaning there’s no spiking of your blood sugar level. Not only are they delicious (ranging from sweet and smooth to rich and complex), they’re great for diabetics or anyone wanting to avoid the blood-sugar crash associated with sweet foods.


We’ve leveraged our extensive South American relationships to source the finest, most efficacious Pau D’Arco (used by indigenous cultures as an antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-parasitic tonic) and Cat’s Claw (traditionally used as an anti-inflammatory and immune-stimulant) available.

Himalayan Sea Salt

With 84 trace minerals, and a Jurassic Era pedigree, Himalayan Sea Salt is becoming increasingly popular in the natural foods movement. We carry this pink wonder salt in both fine and course ground varieties at great prices.


Even if you’ve never enjoyed the taste of olives, one bite of our olives will change your mind. And if you already enjoy olives… prepare to fall in love all over again. Our green, black, and unique dehydrated botija olives will be the best olives you’ve ever had!


This exquisite organic olive oil is grown on Peru's first organic farm, extracted from unique olives that are hand-picked and truly cold-pressed in a traditional, slow process that never exceeds 70° F. This rich artisan oil is gently decanted, without filtering out the complex flavor or heady aroma. This process also protects the oil’s powerful nutrients, such as skin-friendly, heart-healthy fats; cell-protecting nutrients and cardio-vascular-enhancing polyphenols. Savor this vibrant culinary gem! It's more than health food - it's Essential Living Food.

Private Label

We offer a complete line of private label services, including formulation, packaging, and manufacturing so that you can sell our great products under your own brand! Contact us today to inquire about how we can help increase your sales by providing you a one-stop shop for packaged foods, energy bars, powder blends, and more.