Mangosteen Powder Wildcrafted (4oz)

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For quality and super-nutrient punch, few products can compare to our ultra-micronized, RAW Mangosteen Powder, with the antioxidant power of blueberries, the anti-viral power of garlic, and the anti-inflammatory power of ginger and tumeric. Known as “the queen of fruit” for over a century, and used as a traditional medicine for even longer, mangosteen has only recently gained the respect of western science. This powder has been lab-tested against leading competitors and proven MANY TIMES HIGHER in Xanthones, the potent phytochemicals that fight inflammation in the human body. Xanthones act on the body's COX-2 system to help reduce inflammation resulting from disease, injury, and environmental and dietary toxicity.
Unlike other Mangosteen powders, often made from discarded, oxidized rinds in a high-heat process, we use the whole ripe fruit (including seeds) and a proprietary low-temperature drying process that retains vastly more health-supporting nutrients than typical Mangosteen powders.
This ultra-micronized raw mangosteen powder is so fine that you can actually use it as a skin balm (one of Mangosteen's traditional medicinal uses).
• The ONLY mangosteen powder with the full spectrum of Mangosteen's powerful antioxidants
• Dried using unique proprietary cold-process below 100 degrees F 
• Sustainably cultivated, Single-origin mangosteen 
• Certified by JAS and Ecocert: No pesticides. Grown organically on a unique farm in Thailand 
• Ripe fruit washed in ozonated water and frozen the day of harvest
• Whole fruit powder (seeds, fruit, rind) for maximum effect 
• Ultra-Micronized particles allow for quick assimilation by body, both topically and ingested
• Lab-Verified: Highest anti-inflammatory effects of any Mangosteen on the market. 
• Anti-inflammatory: inhibits COX-2 inflammation system and shown to decrease blood markers of inflammation. 
• Anti-microbial: topical use may encourage faster healing or inhibit bacteria that cause acne. 
• Antioxidant: more potent than raspberries
Usage Notes : This potent supplement has a powerful astringent flavor and is meant to be consumed only in small doses, preferably mixed into smoothies and juices. Add 1/2 - 1 teaspoon to water, juice, or smoothies as needed. For skin preparations, rub directly onto skin or add to melted cacao butter and coconut oil to make a potent natural lotion.

The Essential Living Foods Difference

Most mangosteen importers produce their mangosteen powder with high-heat drying processes, which radically degrade and destroy essential nutrients. These cooked powders hardly deserve to be called “superfruits.”
Essential Living Foods, on the other hand, closely oversees the entire production cycle of our Mangosteen Powder—from cultivation to harvest to low-temperature RAW processing to final laboratory testing—we ensure the absolute purity and vitality of this potent, concentrated superfruit product.
We source exclusively from a carefully-managed farm certified by JAS and Ecocert. This farm is actually an Organic research farm founded with support of the King of Thailand.
Here, the ancient, hardy mangosteen trees are carefully tended and nurtured without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, and our expert farming partner harvests the fruit specifically for us at its peak potency and ripeness.

Raw Mangosteen Processing


In the tropical climates where it grows, the moment you remove Mangosteen's protective rind, it immediately starts to oxidize, degrading its health-enhancing properties. Instead, our whole mangosteens are washed in ozonated water and immediately flash frozen for shipment to our western-standard HACCP/GMP facilities. There, we puree the entire mangosteen—not just the rinds—since laboratory testing has shown that the nutrients in the whole fruit seem to have a syngergistic effect with the phytochemicals in the rind. Finally, our whole-fruit blend is dried in an absolutely unique, proprietary low-temperature system that protects the precious nutrients from heat and oxygen, all under 100 degrees F. The final product is the closest you’ll get to eating the whole mangosteen straight from the tree.

To make the powder highly absorbable (particularly for use in skin care), it is ultra-micronized to an incredibly fine powder that can literally be rubbed right into your skin.

The difference in quality and potency between our Mangosteen Powder and any other brand is literally plain to see: while most other powders have oxidized and turned brown, our fresh Mangosteen Powder is rich pink with purple and red undertones.

Laboratory tests verify that our mangosteen exerts far more anti-inflammatory effect (via the COX-2 system) than any other product available, and we challenge competitors to match our quality.

Contents & Benefits of Mangosteen

Mangosteen fruit contains potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins B1, B2, B6 and C, as well as fiber and fruit sugars. It's known as the "queen of fruits" for its succelent, tangy sweet flesh (rarely encountered outside of the tropical countries where it's grown.)

Traditional Medicinal Uses of Mangosteen

Mangosteen is medicinally famous because of its thick, medicinally-bitter purple rind, which is rich with phytochemicals that shield the fruit from the full range of tropical stressors: solar radiation, intense heat, insects, molds, fungi, and viruses. The indigenous people who first discovered mangosteen's medicinal properties (over 1,000 years ago) must have reasoned that if the rind protected this delicate fruit, it could probably do the same for people, and many of the traditional medicinal uses of mangosteen are related to skin conditions, particularly as a poultice for wounds and parasitic skin conditions. It has been used for other ailments as well: in Southeast Asia, mangosteen rind has long been used as an anti-microbial and anti-parasitic remedy. It is astringent and anti-inflammatory and has been used to treat dysentery, diarrhea, urinary tract infections, and more.

Antioxidant Content: Xanthones, Anthocyanins, Catechins & Tannins

Modern medical research is discovering the source of many of mangosteen’s healing properties. In addition to the familiar antioxidants (primarily catechins, anthocyanins, tannins and other polyphyenols), mangosteen is loaded with fairly unusual phytochemicals known as xanthones.

Anti-Inflammatory Benefits of Mangosteen
Xanthones have been found to have in vitro and in vivo effects that are anti-inflammatory. Scientists have shown that xanthones are able to inhibit the cyclooxygenase enzyme, which is part of the inflammation process, and experiments have been performed using inhaled xanthone-derivatives in asthmatics. One recent study even found that people who supplemented their diet with xanthones had lower blood levels of c-reactive protein (a marker of aging).

Anti-Microbial Benefits of Mangosteen
Xanthones also exert an anti-microbial effect, which explains the traditional medicinal use of mangosteen rind as a poultice in various skin conditions, infections, and wounds. Today, cosmetic manufacturers and soap producers are experimenting with mangosteen in various skin care products, both as a defense against the bacteria that cause acne, and as a potential balm against inflammation in irritated or injured skin.
Because our powder is ultra-micronized, it's very easy to apply topically to acne, inflamed areas, and minor cuts and scrapes. Alternately, the powder can be added to a carrier oil or creme to create a supercharged skin lotion.

Product Tested

Not only is our RAW Mangosteen powder verified higher in xanthones than competing products, an in vitro study on human cells has confirmed that our mangosteen exerts a greater anti-inflammatory effect than these other products. This degree of scientific testing and rigorous care for the efficacy of our superfoods is what Essential Living Foods is all about.
Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, nor is this information meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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