Agave Nectar Raw Organic - 16 oz, 32 oz

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Truly RAW Organic Agave blends delicately into RAW desserts, smoothies, teas, cereals, and baked goods with a smooth, sweet flavor. It's the perfect vegan alternative to honey, and a RAW alternative to regular sweeteners. 

Not only does our RAW Agave have 25% fewer calories than sugar, it's extremely low on the Glycemic Index—much better for diabetics and anyone who wants long-lasting energy instead of the post-sugar blues.

For a richer, stronger flavor, try our Dark Agave nectar!

About RAW Agave Processing 

Organic agave syrup (and tequila) is made from the sap from hearts (piñas) of the agave or maguey (pronounced 'mah-gay') plant, a desert succulent that grows in the mineral-rich volcanic soil of Jalisco, Mexico.

The growing and harvesting methods for agave are pretty consistent across the industry. Agave takes about 7 years to mature, and cultivation and harvest is relatively simple. The leaves are cut from the pina by machete and collected by truck to be taken to the processing facility, a very clean, modern facility with organic certification. 

The pina are washed and pressed, then filtered by activated carbon and 1 micron filters in a three-stage process. In most other agave processing, the resulting syrup would be cooked at temperatures up to 150 degrees—but our raw agave is processed under 118 degrees, which doubles the processing time required (36 hours). As part of our new QA policy, a mechanical filtration is done with 0.5 absolute microns. Finally, the agave juices are spilled into the vacuum evaporator at a maximum temperature of 118°F to extract water and contrentrate the agave syrup to a ° Brix range of 69 - 72. Our partners in Mexico use HPLC to make chromatographic studies on sugars, monitoring closely the mineral and sugar concentrations of our agave syrups – the best available in the world!

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